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Dr. Richardson
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Greetings, Professor Bill,

Unfortunately, my credentials are strictly classified and revealing them to any third party group is punishable by termination. The only information I can provide you is that I have earned a PhD in biology at the University of Princeton, USA in 2004 and was formerly a private researcher before receiving my invitation to join the SCP foundation in 2012.

Additionally, the servers in Site-██ were hacked by an unknown third party, resulting in the blocking of, as well as thousands of other webpages, the original thread, forcing me to create a new thread for this conversation.

However, I will verify my identity by sending you this log, extracted from the Site-██ database. Due to its highly secretive nature, it is heavily redacted.


Approximately ██ days before the Zombie Clock intercepted the possible viral strain, several researchers at a Site-██ outpost observed high amounts of gamma radiation approximately  █ kilometers from a cattle ranch in [REDACTED].

Initially, researchers suspected a leakage of atomic weapons. However, the country has no history of ever using atomic weapons. The country has several nuclear plants, however, the closest nuclear plant is located ███ kilometers away from the site of radiation.

Suspecting terrorist activity, a research team was deployed to the site of radiation and observed the source of radiation to be [REDACTED] approximately ██ meters under the surface. After [REDACTED], the source was successfully extracted and contained at Site-██ for further research.

Approximately █ hours after contamination, Senior Researcher ███████ observed unusual activity of radiation. The [REDACTED] was then classified as a possible breach hazard and standard ███████ procedures were taken.

[REDACTED] resulting in █ fatalities and ██ additional injuries. Site-██ was put on lockdown and a unit of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 were deployed to the site. All anomalies were successfully recontained by means of ████.

Initially, all surviving personnel were deemed [REDACTED] by medical staff and administered ███ mg of ████████, however, symptoms analogous to typical symptoms of [REDACTED] manifested on 100% of surviving personnel within █ days of breach and [REDACTED], resulting in a second breach of Site-██.

After several failed attempts to secure the site, the Omega Warhead was detonated, successfully eliminating all instances of [REDACTED]. Standard █████ procedures were taken and Site-██ was rebuilt by means of [REDACTED] within █ days.


I believe the outbreak your clock has predicted has a connection with our breach, due to the two outbreaks manifesting within █ kilometers of each other. Of course, the SCP Foundation has covered up the breach and administered Class-A amnesics to all witnesses.

It is likely that the cattle on the ranch were affected by the radiation. Additionally, the bottle of wine Patient Zero consumed was likely contaminated with the radiation. Currently, we believe that the [REDACTED] government has sent an EMP to the site and covered up the outbreak. More research is currently being conducted.

Dr. Richardson
SCP Foundation
+1 800 394 276
Secure. Contain. Protect.
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Re: Information

Greetings my dear Doctor.

This is indeed valuable information and coincides heavily with our own teams findings. Happily, as always, science has won the day. We appreciate you redacting details of your investigation, outside of our secure Hyper Dynamic Multifactorial restricted area, we attempt to keep sensitive details to a minimum as a guard against misinformation. (I do hope your teams are aware of the merits of the HDME approach to safeguarding knowledge? Standard encryption methods just don't have the same level of science).

I have been informed that some people post completely unsubstantiated claims online! And people believe it! Extremely unscientific behaviour! I feel by our use of heavy censorship and redaction, we can help to give knowledge to the wider community as well as helping to eliminate the random stories and blatant falsehoods that pervade the internet.

Good day to you my scientific sir, and please keep up the good work. If you have anything further to share on the subject of zombies we could look to publish along with our own findings (while accrediting you of course).